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How can I donate to the SEAS project?

Tax deductible donations for the SEAS Project can be made directly to the School for Esoteric Studies or, in Canada, to the SEAS Project Fund of the Tides Canada Foundation. For more information on making donations, click on Donate.

"Absolutely fascinating."

How was the SEAS developed?

The SEAS was developed under the auspices of the School for Esoteric Studies by Dr. Dorothy Riddle, CMC, who is experienced in designing and evaluating online assessment tools. It was field tested over a period of three months with 417 participants in 22 countries representing a wide range of spiritual traditions. To get a summary of the research results, e-mail Dr. Riddle at

"I found that the questions really got me thinking
about myself and my belief system."

How can I help?

You can help by:

  • Making a donation yourself.
  • Raising funds for the SEAS Project from individuals and organizations.
  • Raising awareness of the project through articles.
  • Identifying organizations interested in using the SEAS who would provide endorsement of its importance.

How can I take the SEAS?