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How will individuals benefit from the SEAS?

The SEAS was designed specifically to support an individual's ongoing spiritual development by raising awareness of issues to be considered and providing feedback on the individual's responses. Persons interested in accelerating their own spiritual development can use the SEAS to gain perspective on their current strengths and weaknesses, as well as ideas for where to focus in further growth. By using it repeatedly (e.g., once a year), persons can measure whether and how much they are changing. Here's an example of what part of an individual feedback report might look like:

Spiritual Evolution Assessment Scale™ (SEAS)

Feedback Report for Amy Person

October 15, 2006

Your responses indicate that you experience yourself as participating in a sense of group soul, and you are aware of the impact of your energy on the universal energy field. Your spiritual practice is already focused on mental discipline in order to take responsibility for your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Given the number of years that you have already spent in meditation work, it is not surprising that you have developed a balance in your spiritual life. Your scores on the three factors are:

Understanding spiritual reality 64%
Your own spiritual development 61%
How you interact with others 66%

Your areas of greatest strength in moving forward in spiritual development are:

  • Your ability to see all areas of your life as having potential for service.
  • Your ability to be compassionate while remaining detached.
  • Your understanding of when to speak and when to remain silent.

The areas where you might wish to focus most in your spiritual work are:

  • Understanding the concept of harmlessness and how to apply it in everyday life.
  • Understanding the role that fear plays in your life and how to manage it more effectively.
  • Being able to apply the principle 'energy follows thought.'