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What kinds of questions are asked?

The SEAS is comprised of a core group of 26 questions plus up to 32 additional questions that are presented based on the responses to the core questions. There are no “right” answers. Each of the four response options reflects a different view of one’s spiritual path. Here are some sample questions:

  1. I consider myself as living:
    1. a committed life
    2. a goal-oriented life
    3. a directed life
    4. an ethical life
  2. The focus of my meditation/prayer activity is:
    1. Praise and petition
    2. Communicating with The One Life
    3. Getting in touch with myself
    4. Making requests on behalf of others
  3. To me, the best description of the "soul" is that part of myself that:
    1. Connects me to group consciousness
    2. Is connected to The One Life
    3. Allows me to learn from past experiences
    4. Gives me the capacity of self-knowledge
  4. My sense of meaning in life comes from:
    1. Knowing I am part of a larger whole
    2. My spiritual beliefs
    3. Feeling connected to other living things
    4. Being able to be of service
  5. The main barrier to my spiritual evolution is:
    1. Unfinished business from past lives
    2. My own self-will
    3. Personal imperfections
    4. Fear of moving into the unknown